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Advertising watchdog slates claims management company

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Every day seems to bring yet another story of a dodgy claims management company. (CMC). The latest tale of woe concerns a company called Gladstone Brookes, who have been ordered by national advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority, to stop showing an advert on TV which was seen to exaggerate the length of time that claiming compensation for having been mis-sold  Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) would actually take.

The advert claimed that “PPI takes up your time – fact”. The ASA concluded that this claim, accompanied as it was in the television advert by a ticking clock, breached two advertising rules and was likely to mislead anyone who saw the ad. Gladstone Brookes are not now able to show that particular advert again.

The ASA indicated that the advert simply exaggerated how long and how hard it was for the average person to make their own PPI compensation claim – adding that given how much advice towards online about reclaiming PPI premiums, any complaint was likely to be a relatively straightforward one. It’s adjusting to note Gladstone Brookes have apparently represented 71,000 people in just eight months this year in claiming PPI compensation – and they charge 25% of the sum recovered by way of their fee. The company was, perhaps unsurprisingly, not available for comment !

The ASA’s comments back up what we’ve been saying for a while – at best, claims management companies add aptly nothing to the process – at worst they are dodgy and sometimes even criminal.

Our advice – if you want to make a compensation claim, go straight to a specialist personal injury solicitors – like us.

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