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Claiming compensation following a motorway accident

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The high speeds involved with motorway travel mean that accidents on such roads can be particularly devastating. Unfortunately, the injuries you sustain during such an accident can be particularly debilitating as a result you are likely to need an extensive recovery period and a significant amount of time off work.

Where someone else is to blame for the accident and therefore the injuries you sustained, you may find that you are entitled to claim compensation for the financial loss, pain and suffering you have experienced. If you cannot go to work and require lots of medical treatment, you are likely to lose and financially and it is therefore important that you are compensated.

Government statistics from 2010 reveal that over 10,000 people were involved in accidents on the nations motorways. Of those, 800 people sustained serious injuries and tragically, nearly 120 people were killed. Unfortunately, accidents are inevitable given the huge number of cars on the roads in the UK and the enormous distances covered by road users.

If you are involved in a motorway accident, there is a good chance that you will sustain a whiplash injury, caused by the neck moving violently due to the impact. Whilst this can be a very minor and treatable injury which takes a few days to improve, in some cases it can cause months of terrible discomfort.

Even if you are wearing a seatbelt, your injuries can be terrible. Simply wearing a seatbelt can cause bruising and trauma to the chest due to body moving forward against the resistance of the belt. You may also suffer serious head injuries, bone fractures and severe cuts which require extensive medical treatment.

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